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Day after day and year after year, your gutters help divert rainwater away from your home. Gutters are one of the most critical systems designed to protect your home. Guttermaxx is dedicated to helping customers throughout Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin, TX, identify and replace outdated and damaged gutters. We offer new gutter installations that keep your home safe and won’t break the bank. We’ve created a few lists and tips to help homeowners know when it’s time to get new gutters or call our professionals to inspect. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an inspection or a seamless gutter installation.

Signs It’s Time for New Gutter Installation

While gutters are intended to operate with your home’s drainage system, not all are durable enough to withstand severe weather without routine maintenance. As a result, you can end up with gutters that are starting to show signs of their age, wear and tear, or damage. Thankfully, determining if you need new gutters doesn’t require our professional gutter installers. The average joe can see most tell-tale signs. Here are some signs that it’s time for a new gutter installation for your home:

  • Visible Cracks – Leaks are one of the most apparent signs that it’s time you need to replace your gutters, but it can be hard to see a leak or even notice one when it’s raining. Something that can be seen at any time are cracks in your gutters. If you notice a crack or two in your gutters, that’s a sign that your drainage system is becoming useless. The point of your gutters is to direct away rainwater, but cracks allow that water to seep through and onto a specific spot. Some cracks can be patched, but it’s best to call our professional gutter installers for an inspection.
  • Rust – While some cracks can be patched, rust and corrosion are signs that your drainage system needs help. Once rust starts, it’s almost impossible to stop it. Rust is a sign that your gutter protective coating is beginning to wear through or that it’s near the end of your gutter’s life. The only way to stop this process from damaging your home’s foundation or siding is to call us for a new gutter installation.
  • Peeling Paint – There is a coating on your gutters that is made to withstand water and any normal wear and tear. It’s designed to last season after season, including temperature changes, a large amount of rain, and more. If you notice it’s starting to peel, it’s a good sign that you need new rain gutters. When this coating peels away, it opens your gutters up to rust and further damage.
  • Bending or Leaning – If enough debris has gathered in your gutters, it can put enough strain to force your gutters to pull away from your home slowly. This is a noticeable change. When it looks like your gutters could pop off anytime, it’s a sign they need to be replaced. If not, they’ll continue to lean and pour water against your siding and into your home’s foundation. Avoid the hassle of having them break by taking advantage of our leaf-free seamless gutter solutions.

Take Advantage of Our Leaf-Free Seamless Gutter Solution

If you’re considering getting new gutters, take advantage of our leaf-free seamless gutter solutions. They come in various colors to best fit your need. Our seamless gutter installers recommend taking advantage of the durability and strength of aluminum gutters. They’re able to handle severe weather better than other materials. While seamless gutter installation is most costly upfront, the longevity of these gutters will ensure you save money in the long run. One of the best aspects of seamless gutters is that they require less overall maintenance. Here is an overview of the benefits of having seamless gutters installed:

  • Measured to Be the Right Fit – Our gutter installers will measure your home to ensure that each section of seamless gutter fits perfectly to your home.
  • Less Maintenance – Due to significantly fewer joints, this gutter style doesn’t accumulate the same amount of debris. This means you’ll be able to dedicate less time to gutter maintenance. You can install our seamless gutter covers to reduce the time needed. They’ll help ensure that pests and debris stay out of your gutter system.
  • Fewer Clogs – Joints and seams make gutters more prone to clogging and backing up. Our leaf-free seamless gutter solutions are made from one solid piece of material and then cut to fit your home. This reduces the chance of debris being caught in the seam or joint.
  • Visual Appeal – New seamless gutters can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and value. Thanks to the wide selection of materials and colors, you can find the right combination to fit your home’s look.

When’s The Best Time for Seamless Gutter Installations?

We understand that not every homeowner looks forward to a gutter replacement. As we’ve discussed, having a working and effective drainage system can protect your home’s foundation. Whether you’ve been putting it off or if you’re ready to try our seamless gutter installation, you may be wondering when’s the best time to give our team a call. Our gutter installation services are available all year, but some seasons are more suitable than others. Here is a look at when we recommend getting new gutters installed:

  • Spring and Summer – These seasons are the most ideal for home improvement projects, especially regarding the exterior of your home. If you plan to schedule one of our seamless gutter installations, do so quickly. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to schedule your installation as these bookings fill up fast.
  • Fall – Bookings in later summer often spill into early to midfall. During this season, it’s typically filled with gutter repair and maintenance work to help prepare the gutters and the home for winter. It’s still possible to have seamless gutters installed during this season.
  • Winter – Winter gutter installations are not unheard of, but with the colder weather, it isn’t easy to ensure the quality our customers deserve. It also provides that gutters are hard to install due to the cold weather. Our leaf-free seamless gutter solutions can be installed in winter without concerns due to the lack of joints and the material being cut on-site.

Benefits of New Gutter Installation

Even without signs of damage, replacing your old and outdated gutter system offers multiple benefits. These benefits go beyond removing the irritation of seeing overflowing water run out of your inefficient gutters. When it’s time for a new seamless gutter installation, you can rely on our highly trained technicians. Guttermaxx strives to meet our customers’ expectations and exceed them. Here are some additional benefits of recently installed leaf-free seamless gutter solutions:

  • Protect Your Roof from Damage and Leaks – Whether your old gutters are clogged, malfunctioning, or damaged, they can often cause water to back up and collect on your roof. The standing water creates pressure which can cause your roofing material to degrade, crack, and eventually leak. This can lead to more extensive and costly issues like rot, mold, and pests if left unchecked. Be sure to ask about our seamless gutter covers to reduce your chance of blockage.
  • Avoid Damage to Your Lawn – Heavy water flow in your yard can damage garden areas and landscaping. A large amount of water can lead to soil erosion and weaken your home’s foundation. Our gutter installers will strategically place and install downspouts to ensure water is away from any landscaping features.
  • Possible Mold Growth and Insect Infestation – Excessive moisture from water seeping into your home can cause a mold infestation to spread quickly. Puddles and standing water also attract mosquitoes, termites, and other insects that can harm your home’s structural stability. New gutters can help prevent all of this from happening.
  • Increased Curb Appeal and Property Value – Our leaf-free seamless gutter solutions protect your home and increase your home’s curb appeal and property value. These are particularly important if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

Rely on Our Experienced Gutter Installers

There are numerous signs that your home is due for new gutters. Thankfully, not all of them require you to be an expert in the industry. The Guttermaxx team is dedicated to helping all our customers identify concerns with their drainage system while offering unrivaled new gutter installation. Gutters are undoubtedly the unsung hero of your home, so be sure to have the right professionals handle the installation. If you have any questions regarding your home’s potential need for a new seamless gutter installation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is standing by to help.

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